I'm more interested now

When I saw that Brendan Benson was coming to town I took note, but figured I'd pass. Now that I know The Walkmen are opening, I'm a little more interested.

Hurrah! Although someone did outbid me over the weekend, despite my asking them not too. I managed to outbid them this morning, and for the past 12 minutes I've been the winning bidder for 2 Jonathan Richman cds. That's 3 cds in as many days by the mighty Richman. I think I might be becoming slightly addicted to this ebay thing.

Before playing football for the first time in nearly 2 years, remember to stretch.

My legs and feet are a little sore. I think I'm sorer than I ought to be. I guess my legs aren't used to high impact sports, because they normally handle biking pretty well.

Well, despite the possibility of precipitation sitting somewhere over the 50% mark, the weekend weather held out. Not too warm, not too cold, and no rain. It rained as I drove up, but it stopped about a half an hour before I reached my destination.

The cottage was nice. It had all the amenities (except a telephone), so if the weather had gone sour, we'd have a dvd player, a vcr, and fair sized television and a super nintendo to occupy us. Instead we had badminton and (extreme) croquet in the back yard, mini golf, and football on the beach.

The beach was a bit disappointing. They let cars park on it, which seems a little strange. The sand is packed in. Not the loose sand I expect from my beach experience. Sauble's a resort town, so at the end of September it's pretty quiet. Go on a long weekend and it's a zoo.

At three hours, this was the longest I'd ever driven on my own. Didn't bother me so much. I think I could handle a 9 hour drive just as easily. I took a bunch of pictures. I looked at them yesterday and wasn't overly impressed. I will probably post some just for the sake of changing the Photography section.

We're getting pounded with the remains of the hurricane that hit the gulf coast which means it'll probably be raining for the majority of my weekend at the beach. Thankfully, we're staying at a cottage, and not camping. I forecast a lot of euchre and board games in my future.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll try and take lots of pictures.

The quickest route to my weekend getaway runs through my old University town. The sinking feeling in my gut tells me to take the long way, and avoid it altogether. I haven't been back much since I broke up with my girlfriend (who was still there when I moved home). Maybe three times. The last time, the cd player played Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits. Springsteen's at his best when he's reminiscing about the past: 'Glory Days', 'Thunder Road', 'The River', 'My Hometown'. Nick Hornby gives the nod to Springsteen for the same reason in High Fidelity. It was in the movie, even. The lyric's for Catherine Wheel's 'Outro' are pretty much word-for-word from the same segment in Hornby's book (page 118 I think?).

its a song about a boy who phones this girl...but she left town years before...and he's pissed off that he didn't know...cause he wanted to say goodbye...tell her how he missed her...to wish her good luck...put it to rest...all that unfinished business...so I'm gonna phone every one that I've known...through the downs and the ups...and who I suspect have written me off...as an insensitive fuck...and say good luck and goodbye...and they'd feel good...and I'd feel good...we'd all feel good...that would be so good

I still see the majority of my high school friends pretty often. A few from grade school even. I'm pretty good at staying in touch and those that strayed, didn't stray far. My University friends weren't so sedentary. Of the ones I tried to keep in touch with, a majority now call the west coast home. The others I see on occasion, but the time between such occasions grows every time. Truth is, if I think about it too much, I get like a plastic-bag-watching Wes Bentley in American Beauty.

And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it.

But I probably will.