This lack of internet at home thing isn't so bad

I thought I'd miss it a bit more, but I really don't.

I spent an enormous amount of money on bedding this weekend, but it was all worth it because I could actually sleep in my new bed. I also bought some blinds. Installing blinds with two people would be a lot easier. I only installed one set (two windows in my bedroom), and used my old bed sheet to cover the other one, but I'll install the next set tonight. Also picked up some spice jars, and a salt and pepper mill/grinder set. I'll probably get around to ordering my washer and dryer tomorrow.

I also picked up a book on wiring, because I want to add a cable and telephone jack from bedroom 2 to bedroom 3. I don't think it'll be that difficult, but I've really got no experience in that department, so who knows.

On the music front, I've yet to hook up anything capable of playing music at home (unless it's in VHS format), so mostly I just sing to myself. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are coming June 22nd. Apparently I missed a great show last year, so maybe I'll see them this time.

Snow is bad enough, but ice pellets is just awful. Especially when you've got a cheap-o plastic shovel. I met one of my neighbours so I could borrow his spade. Spent yesterday at home cleaning the basement out. It's a lot cleaner than it was. I'll be putting down some recycled carpet sometime this weekend.

I tuned into Ed yesterday, but for some reason something else was on. I figured Ed was being preempted since it was one of those American Idol Star Search shows. But my sister tells me that Ed was indeed on. Here's hoping G. taped it!

I didn't realize that the wayback archive had a live music archive. Here's a list of current bands. There's currently a Spoon show, as well as a few shows by Mason Jennings. Sounds like it'll be something to watch. Files seem to be in shn format.