I seem to have destroyed the third cd-rom drive since I started here

This drive is only a month or two old, so it's a bit dissapointing. Thank goodness for the backup-drive, I suppose! I might try replacing the various cables to see if they're the root of the issue, because a drive dying within 3 months seems unusual. Then again, these things probably aren't designed to play music 8 hours a day, either.

Slow day. The Google Logo is pretty cool, though. Check it out. Escher's birthday I presume?

My parents seem keen on keeping money in my pocket. First, my mom was away for Mother's Day, and then my dad was away for Father's Day. I'll probably get them gift certificates at a restaurant when my dad gets back from out west (actually, my mom's going away again too - so after she gets back I suppose), though.

There's a little more progress on my tan. I went for a nice long bike ride on Saturday to return my library books. I ended up buying sunscreen en route, because I could feel my skin burning (and I don't burn that easily). I tried to buy shoes, but failed miserably. I'll try again this week though. My docs are well past retirement.

I also watched a bunch of movies - you can see the list elsewhere on this page. I finally saw Heathers! It was "very". Slater is so Jack Nicholson in it though.